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ASUS Z690 series motherboards and 12th Gen Intel® Core™️ processors herald the arrival of the next generation of high-speed computing with support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory, next-level connectivity, robust power delivery and cooling, and artificial intelligence optimization. This new ASUS platform is designed to extract every ounce of performance from the latest Intel Core CPUs for gamers, creators, and users of all kinds while offering a variety of aesthetic designs to suit every taste.

Setting the stage to break all limits

AI Motherboards

ASUS Z690 motherboards feature exclusive software and firmware utilities that leverage machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the user experience. On select motherboard models, the latest ASUS AI enhancements span four distinct pillars of performance, including overclocking, cooling, networking and even onboard audio, making advanced tweaks and optimization more accessible to both new recruits and savvy PC DIY veterans.

AI Overclocking

Unleashes the full potential of the Intel 12th gen CPU by utilizing onboard intelligence to expertly tune frequency and voltage. ASUS AI Overclocking profiles the CPU and cooling to predict the optimal configuration and push each system to its limits.

CPU : Intel LGA 1700 i9-12900K, i9-12700K, i9-12600K | Motherboard : ROG Maximus Z690 Hero |VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1070 | DRAM : Micron DDR5-4800 16GB*2 | Power : G.SKILL PS850G 850W 80 PLUS GOLD | CPU Cooler : Corsair H115i | OS: Windows 11

DDR5 Performance

DDR5 Stability & Compatibility

ASUS worked with worldwide memory partners to test and optimize DRAM performance and stability to give you complete confidence in our products and superb compatibility. Refer to our extensive list of guaranteed-compatible components for identifying DDR5 memory.

Robust Power & Cooling

Teamed Power Stages

ASUS Z690 motherboards utilize teamed power-stages and high-quality components to fuel the latest 12th Gen Intel CPUs. Even at entry level, the power solutions are geared to deliver sustained performance, and through the lineup those credentials are strategically scaled up to push boundaries and set new standards.

Cooler by Design

To ensure system stability under heavy CPU loads, ASUS Z690 motherboards employ large VRM and chipset heatsinks that strike the right balance between surface area and mass. That same philosophy also extends to onboard M.2 heatsinks, ensuring readiness for the PCIe 5.0 / 4.0 SSDs.

Massive bandwidth for any task

PCIe 5.0 Ready

ASUS Z690 motherboards are equipped with PCIe 5.0 slots ideal for video cards. Selected models even feature onboard PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots or bundled ROG Hyper M.2 card, putting you on the cutting edge of GPU and storage device technology.

Ultrafast Networking

WiFi 6E

Onboard WiFi 6E technology takes advantage of the newly available radio spectrum in the 6 GHz band, providing up to three times the bandwidth of the 5 GHz band and up to seven 160 MHz bands to deliver ultrafast networking speeds.

10 Gb & 2.5Gb Ethernet

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of power users and content creators, onboard 10 Gb and 2.5 Gb Ethernet deliver blazing file transfers, smoother lag-free gaming and high-res video streaming.


USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C® Front-Panel Connector with Quick Charge 4+

USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 boosts Type-C data transfers with speeds of up to 20 Gbps. The port also features Quick Charge 4+ technology that can quickly charge devices up to 60 W with a PCIe power supply cable plugged into the nearby 6-pin connector.

Thunderbolt 4 USB-C®

Each Thunderbolt 4 port delivers up to 40 Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth for the latest high-speed devices and drives. Thunderbolt 4 also supports up to two external 4K displays and extends PCIe® bandwidth to up to 32 Gbps.

DYI is easier than ever


One-sided clips provide super-simple, super-secure handling of memory modules.


The Q-Code LED provides 2-digit error codes that display system status to help with troubleshooting.


A fortified metal divider for added support and damage prevention.

PCIe® Slot Q-Release

A physical button unlocks the first PCIe slot’s security latch with one tap, greatly simplifying the process of detaching a PCIe card from the motherboard when it’s time to upgrade to a new GPU or other compatible device.

M.2 Q-Latch

Simple locking mechanism to secure an M.2 SSD without the need for specific tools.


Sorts all front-panel cables for a neater set-up.

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